Highlighted Services

Breeding and Foal Care

  • Neonatal and Perinatal medicine—High risk pregnancies, compromised foals
  • New Foal Examination (at 12-24 hours old)—Exam of foal, mare, placenta and IgG level for foal
  • In Hospital Neonatal Care and Hospitalized Foaling
  • Breeding Soundness Examination/Infertility Workup
  • Artificial Insemination (fresh cooled semen or frozen semen)
  • Limited Embryo Transfer Services (collect embryo and ship to recipient facility)
  • Pregnancy Examination


Horses need regular dental care to maximize feed efficiency, reduce the risk of colic and enhance performance. Annual dental floats accomplish this for most patients. The use of motorized "power tools" and safe, reliable sedatives have greatly changed dental care for our equine patients, allowing the doctor to balance the horse's mouth and correct dental abnormalities quickly and painlessly. This keeps both you and your horse smiling!

Pre-purchase Examination

Whether it is a rescue or an investment, learning as much as possible about your potential new equine partner is imperative. A pre-purchase examination is a comprehensive exam designed to gather information about your potential purchase. This examination takes approximately 2 hours to complete and includes a general physical examination (including GI , cardiac, respiratory and integumentary (skin) exam), ophthalmic (eye) examination, external genitalia examination, detailed lameness examination, neurologic examination, discussion of conformation, and archiving of blood for 6 months for possible future testing (sedatives or NSAIDs/pain relievers).

The following will assist the doctor in compiling the most representative information about your future purchase:
The horse should have up-to-date foot care, but avoid having the horse shod or trimmed during the two weeks preceding the examination

A firm/concussive level surface and an arena are ideal for the lameness portions of the exam. If the horse does not know how to work on a lunge line, a round pen should be available. Should ideal facilities not be available, the clinic provides a large arena, round pen and concussive surface on which to conduct the examination.

Additional services associated with the pre-purchase examination

These services are optional and not included in the pre-purchase examination fee:
  • Radiography (digital radiography is available—arrangements must be made prior to appointment)
  • Digital Ultrasound
  • Optional Drug Testing
  • Serum Chemistry, CBC, Coggins Testing

Imaging Services

Digital Ultrasound—MyLab 30 State of the Art Digital Ultrasound

The superior image quality provided by this portable ultrasound unit surpasses other machines allowing Dr. Paget to visualize the most subtle tendon lesions and even visualize equine pregnancies as young as 10-12 days along! The machine allows assessment of the patient's heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, eyes…Additionally, this unit has the capability to burn CD copies for you to have at home and a USB port allows the doctor to export your animal's images directly into their computerized medical record. This facilitates networking among practices and specialists, providing your animal with the most state-of-the-art care available!

Radiography (X-rays)—Traditional "hard copy" x-rays (taken on-site without advance scheduling) and digital (computerized) x-rays are available through our practice. We utilize the services of a digital radiograph technician and require 24-48 hours notice when scheduling appointments for digital radiographs. Using digital technology, radiography can be performed at the clinic or in the field at your home or barn with immediate results and superior detail.

Special Preventative Care Packages

Health Maintenance Package
This program allows the horse owner to invest in a comprehensive health care plan, simplifying your horses' annual maintenance needs and greatly reducing costs. This package is a great deal! The program provides the following, broken into two visits per year:

First Visit:
  • Physical examination
  • Dental Float with sedation
  • Sheath cleaning (if gelding)
  • 5 -way vaccination
  • West Nile vaccination (Fort Dodge Innovator and Intervet Prevenile vaccines are available and either vaccine may be administered based on client's individual preference following discussion with the doctor)
  • Rabies vaccination
  • 3 paste dewormers (ivermectin, pyrantel pamoate, oxibendazole)
Second Visit:
  • Physical examination
  • Flu-rhino vaccination
  • West Nile vaccination (if applicable)
  • 3 paste de-wormers (ivermectin, pyrantel pamoate, oxibendazole)
Call fees are included in the price of the package. Additional services, if required, at the time of the visit OR separate visits needed in the course of the year are not included in the price of the program. Give us a call today to discuss the program!

Preventicare (equinepreventicare.com)
This is a special health care package offered through Pfizer, the manufacturers of Strongid C, Strongid C2X, and Quest dewormers. It is very similar to the Health Maintenance Package with a few twists. The biggest perk is that if your horse suffers from colic and needs colic surgery while on the program, Pfizer will pay up to $5000 of your horse's surgical fees. Link up with the above web site to learn more!

Pot Bellied Pig Package
These silly little guys and gals need a little extra care…often times difficult patients because they HATE to be restrained, general anesthesia is frequently required to allow the doctor to perform dental work and foot care. Once a year, your pig receives the following:
  • General anesthesia (injectable regimen)
  • Foot care/trim hooves
  • Dental care as needed/reduce tusks
  • Clean eyes and ears

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